About Us

The Buyer’s Guide – Buyer’s Bible is a business to business, digital Yellow Page Directory, which is available 24 hours a day. It is used on a daily basis by Dealers, OEM’s, OEM Suppliers, Converters, Manufacturers and Distributors in the RV/Van, Pickup, Manufactured Housing, Marine, Cargo Trailer, Modular Home, Automotive Aftermarket, Mobility Needs, Heavy Truck, and related industries.

It consists of more than 25,000 listings in over 2,000 product categories. Here is where your customer’s purchasing agents shop for products, prices, and availability. As a result,
this is also where your advertising dollars reach their fullest potential. For over 30 years, it has been the most comprehensive and recognized guide servicing these industries today.

Advertising is a major building block in your growth and success as a company. It is absolutely essential to use all outlets available; trade shows, direct mail, trade and association publications, and of course, salespeople.

The Digital Buyer’s Guide – Buyer’s Bible is the tool that pulls all of this together,
because long after your direct mail is gone, your trade publication advertisement is out in the waiting room, and for all those times when your salespeople can’t be with your customers, The Digital Buyer’s Guide – Buyer’s Bible will still be there for all the Purchasing Agents, Product Managers, and Engineering departments across the country,
all of whom will be using it every day to look for you and your product(s).

To be competitive, it is extremely important to be represented here because it is the information that is presented in the advertising spaces that will decide for them whom they will call or contact to do business with. Likewise – if you’re not represented here – someone else will get the call.

If there is anything we can do to help in any way – to assist you with some form of representation, or just to answer any questions you may have,
please contact us at 269-663-3296