From: Sales Manager of Elkhart Supply Corp

Dear Janella

ESCO is very happy with the Buyers Guide as our primary source of advertising. You have done all that we asked in our ads,
and we believe that the ads have brought us new business and there is no reason for us to consider any other company. I have a copy of the Guide and have received one every year that we have done business together. I can assure you that we respect the way you do business and we have never been disappointed in the outcome of our ads in your publication and we will continue to use the Buyers Guide for our advertising needs.

Paul Steward

From: President,
Vehicle Controls Inc. – Tekonsha,

Dear Janella

I want to ‘thank you’ for the results we have had from advertising in “The Buyer’s Guide”. Thanks to your efforts in making sure we were listed in every product category for our product lines and with ‘cost effective’ ads in strategic locations,
we began receiving calls from potential customers as soon as the directory was shipped. Fischer CBOX Cassete CD and Cup Holders sell to Van and Truck Converters,
Motor Home Mfgs.,
Boat Mfgs.,
and Dealers. We have several new customers that saw our ads and listings in the Buyer’s Guide. VDO Instruments and Senders are used in Boats,
Motor Homes,
Generators and many other applications. Several dealers and manufactureres told us they were really happy to find someone like us that actually has the ‘product in stock’. They found us through The Buyer’s Guide. I strongly recommend that companies interested in selling to the Van,
Boating and Automotive markets make sure that they are in The Buyer’s Guide.

Jack Watson

From: Vice President,
RAECO/Promo Sports

Last year we were contacted by someone (another publication) and we agreed to place our advertising with them thinking it was your Buyer’s Guide-Buyer’s Bible. We’ve since corrected that mistake by joining you this year. We are happy to be represented by you because everyone we know uses your book for their purchasing.

Doug Johnston

From: President,
Clean Seal,
Inc. – South Bend,

Dear Janella

As you know we have advertised in “The Buyer’s Guide” since its inception. As you expand into new areas,
we seem to be able to accomplish the same. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for many great years of association with a first class publication. “Keep up the good work”.

Bill Dawson

From: President,
Integrated Power Systems LLC

Dear Janella

Of all the media advertising we do each year,
your publication produces the most consistent and positive results. I have been extremely pleased over the years with the number and quality of leads produced by our presence in “The Buyer’s Guide”. Thanks to your unparalleled attention to detail and style,
we are able to present the professional image to our customers and potential customers that produces the results we are looking for. Thank you again for a job well done!

Michael D. McCoy

From: President,
BR Wholesale

Dear Janella

We qualify every call that comes into our business. It is important for us to track where our advertising dollars are paying us back,
so it is a pleasure to get so many calls from OEM’s who found us in The Buyer’s Guide – and who also end up becoming our customers. I can’t say enough good things about your publication and the job it has done for us since we started advertising with you except,

Ruby Watts

From: Labelle Marketing

Dear Janella

As a Manufacturer’s Representative,
it is important for my agency to get our name and the names of our principles out to prospective customers; your “Buyers Guide” has done just that for my agency. Over the years that we have been listed in your publication we have been contacted by potential customers that we would not normally have come in contact with. Your “Buyer’s Guide” has met and exceeded our expectations. I am pleased to bring back this year our suppliers to the “Buyer’s Guide”. They wouldn’t use any other source. Keep up the good work.

John LaBelle,
Labelle Marketing

From: President,
A.G.S. Inc./Australian Global Services Inc. – Ohio

Dear Janella

Our company,
which was incorporated in two states of the United States at the beginning of 1996,
spent tens of thousands of dollars on Advertising and at Show Promotions,
during our first two years of operation – but were very disappointed with the results. In 1998,
we spoke with you about the prospects of advertising in your Buyer’s Guide. We were so impressed with your professionalism and your very high ethics – both attributes very hard to find in this day and age – that we immediately signed up to advertise some of our specialized products for both the RV and Marine Industries. Our annual sales have now multiplied fourfold and continue to increase,
in particular,
to the Marine Manufacturer’s. Naturally,
we attribute a great deal of our ongoiing success to exposure we get from advertising in your Buyer’s Guide. Janella,
we thank you,
and look forward to a long and successful association with you and your very successful Buyer’s Guide publication.

Bill Pembrose

From: General Manager/Vice President and the Vice President of Sales & Marketing,
Clean Seal,

To Whom It May Concern

It is our pleasure to provide this letter of reassurance regarding the business ethics of Janella Dierickx and The Buyer’s Guide/Buyer’s Bible. As a long time customer,
15+ years,
we have found extreme honesty and professionalism toward us and other customers in regards to the product and service provided by Mrs. Dierickx. The sincerity regarding customer satisfaction is outstanding. Although the publication market can be quite competitive,
it truly takes a special company such as The Buyer’s Guide to perform over and above 100%. Dedication to commitment is obvious when working with Janella. Please conside the words spoken in this letter as you make your decision for your advertising needs. Feel free to contact Bill Dorton if you have any questions.

Bill Dawson and Bill Dorton

From: President and Owner,
Vehicle Controls,

To Whom It May Concern,

It is a pleasure for me to tell you that we have advertised in The Buyer’s Guide-Buyer’s Bible for over 18 years. When we started with Janella,
we were also in several other trade publications. Today we only advertise in The Buyer’s Guide and on our own website. We discontinued the other trade publications but feel we cannot do without ads in The Buyer’s Guide. Janella has always been very straight forward and honest with us. She points out areas that could be improved and every year she is contacting us to find out “what is new” so that she can help us spend our advertising money wisely. If you choose to do business with The Buyer’s Guide-Buyer’s Bible,
Janella will see that you are not disappointed. If you would like to talk directly with me,
please feel free to call (office: 517-767-4177 * cell: 517-206-3206).

Jack Watson